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About the Home Owners Association

The HOA is a society that was incorporated under the Societies Act (Alberta) in December 2005 by the initial developer of the Community. An agreement dated December 19, 2005 (the HOA Agreement), between the developer (CLT Contracting Ltd.) and Donald Richardson established the role and powers of the HOA. The developer filled the role of the directors and officers of the HOA from 2005 until March 7, 2013, when the first annual meeting of the Community was held, and a Board of Directors consisting of volunteer Owners was elected. Pursuant to the formation documents of the HOA, the objectives of the HOA include the following:

(a) To manage, maintain, construct and repair certain amenities associated with the Bearspaw Country Estates real estate development at or near Calgary, Alberta, including but not limited to parks and natural areas, municipal reserve areas, and on-site and off-site storm water containment facilities;
(b) To hold, use and administer property, both real and personal, received by the society;
(c) To hire or retain such advisors, agents or employees as are required to carry out the objects of the society; and
(d) To purchase or provide all necessary services, furnishings and equipment required or incidental to the carrying out of the objects of the society,
(collectively, the “Objectives”).

The role of the Board of Directors is to carry out the Objectives. The Board of Directors are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of the HOA. Each year the Board of Directors establishes a budget to cover the capital and operating expenses for the Community for the current year. Under the HOA Agreement, the HOA has the right to levy dues in order to carry out the Objectives. The sum of $1,320.00 was fixed for the 2013 calendar year. In addition, the HOA will establish a capital reserve fund to cover amounts that will be necessary for future maintenance and improvements to the amenities in the Community. The HOA Agreement also provides that the HOA has the right to assess an Owner for “all costs incurred in connection with the collection of such dues and interest, including legal costs on a full indemnity basis” and is required to charge interest of a minimum of 18% on unpaid fees.

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